Care for Quality is our Top Priority, especially when it involves the safety and cleanliness which Soft Toys need to make them a pleasure to play with while being Child-Safe. That is why we set our quality control standards much higher than the expected standards.

Ziqi Toys was established as a Pioneer in the Manufacturing of Soft Toys in Pakistan. Within a short period we have grown into the largest local supplier of Soft Toys to the Retail market in Pakistan. We shine above the other handful of manufacturers as the only regular exporters of Soft Toys from Pakistan.

"For a Company whose products came into the market recently, Ziqi Toys has come a long way. The aggressive marketing strategy will help this company gain brand recognition and popularity amongst various target markets"

This has all been possible due to the right mixture of manpower, machines and material. Korean toy specialists have trained our Production team. Our Production facility is based on reliable Korean machinery with strict emphasis on safety and hygiene. Our material is sourced from reliable suppliers in the Far East who are renowned for their quality and economical prices. Of prime importance is our commitment to follow limits and guidelines set by the safety standards, including, EN71 and BS 5565.

The right mixture of technology, quality control, training and design, has enabled us to produce Toys which are comparable in appearance, feel and price to any produced by manufacturers who have been in this field far longer than us. As a result, we have received the support of leading organisations around the World and continue to expand rapidly.

We entertain any and all inquiries, whether it is for our own designs or for designs supplied by our customers. We stand by our motto - "winning hearts" - not only in creating the right product but in satisfying the requirements and demands of our customers, regardless of what they may be.

"A peep into the Ziqi Toys showroom was our first stop in the visit to the factory. Anyone from child to adult would have the same reaction when first laying eyes on this colorful room filled with Stuffed Toys. The image is a clear replica of that childhood dream "

Gulsons Group (

Ziqi Toys is a part of the Gulsons Group. Established in 1965, the Group is involved, in Trading, Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Logistics, Travel, Sourcing Services and IT

Gulsons Group has offices in all major cities of Pakistan and a network of Agents all over the World.

(Excerpts from the Oct-Dec 1997 Newsletter of the Pakistan-France Business Alliance - a Trade Association of which Ambassador of France to Pakistan is the Patron-in-Chief)